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last two days

By Tara Zandra | May 14, 2007

Saturday was fairly relaxing. We did go to Target in the morning for various necessities but made it through there quickly before coming back home. During Daisy’s nap, Tabitha played on her web sites while Chris and I played our video game, but I started feeling really drowsy so we went to lay down and got a nice hour and a half nap in before Daisy awoke. We then put on Thomas and Friends for her and Tabs while we relaxed a bit more. We then went out to meet my in-laws’ at an Italian restaurant for dinner. We were there almost two hours for a very pleasant meal.

Sunday morning my family brought be breakfast in bed. There is nothing cuter than a 2 year old saying “here’s your Diet Coke, Mommy” while carrying a can to me. I had a lovely homemade card from Tabitha and a letter from Chris. We then got ready to go and headed to Disneyland because that’s what I wanted to do. I had never been on Mother’s Day except when I worked there and I was feeling in the mood. They hand out flowers to the mothers which is very nice.

Miss Daisy rode her first roller coaster! She’s been wanting to be big enough for awhile and there is a small coaster that is only a 35″ height requirement. At home, barefoot, she is 34.5″ so we thought we’d see how far she had to go with her shoes on. Well, either I measure her wrong at home, or their sign was off because she more than made the requirement. She loved it! She immediately asked to go again, which we obliged, and then again, but we said that was enough. It was so cute to hear her do a little scream (it was a play scream, not frightened). Funny to me is this was Tabitha’s first roller coaster too, 3 months ago, lol. Daisy was just thrilled she was big enough.

In the end we only stayed about 4 hours because Tabitha just seemed to be getting worse since she just started her symptoms the other day. We had a fun time while we were there though. We lazily walked out and browsed in many shops. I plan to do a bit of shopping when we go on my birthday.

We had the Dodger game on when we got home and had an easy dinner of chips and salsa and guacamole. After Daisy went to bed, Tabitha and I played some card games before she went to bed as well. Then Chris and I watched 3 hours of Survivor stuff condensed into under 2 hours (no stupid jury questions for us).

Though we were all experiencing some form of discomfort from this cold, it was a lovely weekend.

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