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shop talk

By Tara Zandra | April 28, 2006

The girls and I went to Target today for some regular items and I picked up a pack of undies for the big one. First off, I’m most delighted to see that they came in a hipster cut as that works best for low cut jeans. It was a big pack of 9 and when we were home I untaped and unrolled each pair. As I laid them out I noticed quite the discrepency in their size so I checked them all. Out of 9 pairs of supposed size 8, four were actually an 8 and the rest was comprised of 1 size 6, 1 size 10, 2 size 12 and 1 size 14. Not even half the package was the correct size.

Needless to say we were planning on going to Target after dinner, with Chris this time, but we opted for the mall instead as I wanted to check out the Disney Outlet that was supposed to close this Sunday. Instead we found that it is to remain open another month and the item I’ve had my eye on has been marked down $25, because now it’s broken. *sigh* Guess it wasn’t meant to be afterall.

We did shop a bit but didn’t get much, I really wasn’t in the mood. We just picked up a shirt and pair of shoes for Chris and another Children’s Place doll for Tabitha. Daisy had skipped her second nap today so by the time 8 o’ clock rolled around she had had enough. I popped her into the hip carrier and that appeased her for another 15 minutes but after that we only avoided a melt down by me singing to her as we walked to the car. For the drive home my Nano played Mahna Mahna on repeat. That’s the only thing that makes her instantly stop crying. As I said to Chris on the way home, I don’t care why it works, I just hope to goodness it never stops working.

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