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things are progressing on the home front

By Tara Zandra | May 9, 2007

Last night Chris primered the small wall. We kept putting it off but now it’s done. Hopefully painting will take place tonight. Also, Mr. F came today and finished taking out the last of the ice plant on our hill. Yay! Now we need to decide on a border, lay the anti-weed fabric, and fill with bark. It’s going to look so nice. We were actually looking into other gardners because we didn’t feel he was meeting our expectations, but these last three visits he’s really stepped up the work and has definitely done lots of good work. They got a little over-zealous today though and one of my daisy plants was taken out with the weeds. It’s not really their fault, it looked completely dead; I was kind of hoping it would come back to life. I don’t really mind replacing it since it never did thrive and I didn’t like where I planted it. So now I get a fresh start.

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