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Just when you think it’s safe

By Tara Zandra | May 7, 2007

I finally get those darn High School Musical songs out of my head and what does Tabitha do? Watch the concert. Ugh! You know by the time they are gone again, number 2 comes out and that’s just a whole new round of *stuff* in my head. It’s like baby diapers- I don’t like them, but they are a big part of my life.

Speaking of diapers, Daisy’s are falling apart. We’re down to 15, 6 of which were bought new last year but the others are from Tabitha and they are more than showing their age. If I was planning more kids, I’d just buy more diapers. But since Daisy is the caboose to the family and should be potty training relatively soon, it doesn’t seem to make sense to sink a large chunk of cash in tushie covers. I’d hate to go disposable because she does completely feel when she’s wet which helps the whole potty training process. But we may have to because soon enough we’ll only have 6 diapers left. Oh well, certainly not looking for advice of any kind, just mentioning it because I just pulled clean dipes out of the dryer and had to get rid of another one so it’s fresh in my mind.

We had a good weekend. Tabitha went to San Diego Wild Animal Park with my mom on Saturday. So Chris, Daisy, and I went to get Krispy Kreme in the morning then we went out to lunch with my MIL. We ate Mexican for Cinco de Mayo, but passed on the margaritas. We then went back to my in-laws’ house and had a nice visit for roughly an hour. We thought we’d take Daisy places she likes for her alone time with us so we went to Toys R Us first and then Target. Yes, she likes Target. A lot. This one is very much my kid. Once home, Daisy was asking to watch Blue’s Clues and since she hadn’t watched any TV that day we put on a DVD for her on our computer while Chris and I finished playing Fable on the X-Box. It’s done and really it wasn’t that good. Too much fighting and not enough thinking things out.

Oh, not Saturday night, but Friday, Chris and I finally watched Superman Returns. We’ve had the DVD from Netflix for almost 2 months. I’ve always thought Brandon Routh was a dead ringer for Christopher Reeve so it was wonderful to see him get the mannerisms just right as well. I guess he’s Superman, not Christopher Reeve, but comparisons were inevitable. I also completely loved Kevin Spacey as Lex Luther. Just fabulous to watch. Didn’t care for, darn, I can’t think of her name and I’m too lazy to look it up, was it Sedgewick? In any case, the one who played Lois Lane. But I think that’s a character thing for me. I didn’t care for Margot Kidder either, though I did like Teri Hatcher’s interpretation on the TV show. Oh, one last observation, when did Superman go from being way too old for me to being too young for me? What happened there? Brandon Routh was the same age as Christopher Reeve in Superman, but Superman Returns takes place 5 years after Superman IV which means Superman should have been at least mid to late 30s, not back to 26. Minor detail though, no one wants to see an aging Superhero, they want the eye candy. I kind of want to see the original four again, but doubt I will, too afraid they won’t live up to my memories.

Yesterday Tabitha had a Girl Scout event where she earned two council Try-Its. She learned about the flag and made cards for the troops overseas and packed back packs. Only one other girl in her troop came, but the two of them had a good time. On the way home we had a talk about what Memorial Day means and I went through some basics of the various wars our country has been involved in from the American Revolution to current day.

And then the rest of the day was spent with me being a complete slug because I have a cold with an extremely irritating sore throat and I just wasn’t in the mood to move. I actually feel better today than I thought I would, but still cancelled a field trip we were supposed to attend because I don’t want to spread my germs. I started dragging around noon though and am seriously upping my medication dosage (that would be caffeine). I’m hoping to finish laundry and clean the bathroom and I have promised Daisy I’ll do lessons with her after her nap, but what I really want to do is lie down and nap. Considering I’ve hated naps since I can remember, that’s saying something.

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