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I know we did stuff

By Tara Zandra | May 1, 2007

I always put off writing my little weekend recap and then for the life of me I can’t remember what we did. Other than Disneyland, because we always go to Disneyland. Hmm, Saturday. Oh well, guess it was less interesting than usual. Wait, I remember now. Chris and I cleaned up most of the backyard since it was such a nice day and then promised the kids they could play after Daisy’s nap. We shouldn’t have promised that. There were a few wasps and I could kill them because we were out of Raid. They like to hide in tall grass and even though our gardner had been here Monday, he couldn’t do the back yard because I wasn’t home so it had been 3 weeks since it’s been cut back there. Then Daisy only wanted to play in the playhouse and that’s the one thing we didn’t clean because it’s so big so we postponed it; apparently that was our mistake. Then one kid wanted to be on the swing and the other wanted to ride the roller coaster, but they can’t be done at the same time so no matter what one kid was pissed off. In the end I sent them both inside and said forget it. We planned a park after dinner and that was a whole ‘nother issue because apparently *everyone* goes to the park on Saturday evenings; who knew? After we got home we threw them both in the tub and then in their beds.

Sunday we did not get up early, we all slept until 8 and then I quickly got ready and made breakfast for everyone. Tabitha loves when I do “big breakfast” so I try to do it once every week. We then leisurely made our way to Disneyland and had a relaxed fun day. We rode Main Street vehicles, watched Mickey Mouse cartoons, watched 3 different bands, rode the train around the whole park, ate ice cream and watched the parade. Simply lovely.

Yesterday the girls and I shopped. We were out of everything; toilet paper, cereal, Clinique, and shoes. Yes shoes. Daisy’s feet had a sudden spurt or something because she said every pair of shoes she had hurt her feet and she wouldn’t walk in any of them. She’ll tolerate her Crocs but says they’re too small too. Unfortunately I was only able to buy her one pair of shoes because the other pair I wanted for her was not in stock in her size. But at least she got one pair. We didn’t finish since we had to get home and get Daisy into bed for her nap so I planned to go out again when she awoke- but she slept until 4:00pm so we just waited for Chris to come home and had a quick dinner then all went out to a different mall and also a Target run.

Today I’ve been in a foul mood and skipped Kindermusik and had the girls play together all day while I cleaned the house and did laundry. I did a thorough job on the kids’ room, I even washed both sides of the window. In the end I was quite pleased with the freshenss of the room. But alas, my mood was not improved but Chris had the idea to go out for dinner and that was nice. But then we all went to the grocery store and that was more hassle than it was worth so the bad mood came back. Still not gone though it’s getting better as I sit here listening to music and mindlessly playing Spider. And blogging about being in a bad mood.

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