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webkinz and summer camp

By Tara Zandra | April 24, 2007

I finally bought Tabitha her first Webkinz today. She had never heard of them so she was quite happy when I explained exactly what it is. For those that don’t know, it’s a stuffed animal and on it’s hang tag there is a code that you enter at the website webkinz.com. You then get a one year membership to the website and you interact with an animated version of your animal at the website. You can play games to earn “webkinz cash” (or whatever it’s called) and then use that to furnish a room for your animal and buy it clothes. She’s been playing on it for about 2 hours now and enjoying the heck out of it. And the real stuffed is pretty cute, she got a white yorkie, and is about the size of a beanie baby.

The info for all the Girl Scout camps sponsered by our Girl Scout council came out this week. We picked two day camps for Tabitha to attend. No overnights yet, I have a hard enough time when my kids are overnight with my in-laws, there’s no way I’m letting strangers be responsible for her well-being. Her troop will start doing weekenders next year, I’m debating about letting her go. I’m coming around though, at first it was a no way, no how kind of thing. Now I’m considering it. But only because one of the leaders is a good friend of mine that I’ve known for a few years. In any case, that’s two Girl Scout day camps and most likely two museum day camps for the summer so Tabitha is set. We’re limited in our choices because I refuse to send her to a day camp that lasts 6 hours and many of them do, nowadays. I’m not looking for day care. The aquarium offers a half day, but my choice is to be in Long Beach by 8:00am everyday (that would mean leaving the house at 6:30am at the absolute latest because of traffic) or attempting to drive home from Long Beach everyday at 5:00pm which would probably take close to 2 hours. No thank you. However, they do have several Saturday progroms that are only a couple hours so I think I’ll start signing her up for those. Especially since Tabitha has been expressing an interest in learning about sea life more in depth.

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