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busy all day

By Tara Zandra | April 24, 2007

Yesterday was filled with things to do all day, it felt like I never had a breather. Not really in a bad way, just in a “when will the to-do list end” kind of way.

First thing in the morning the girls and I headed to the Girl Scout Council shop so I could pick up some patches for a couple girls in the troop. We hadn’t been to this store before so it was fun to browse as it was larger than the other store we went to. I checked through the shirts getting ideas of what I’d like to get Tabitha and she, of course, showed me everything in the store she loved (that would be everything). I got her a Brownie scrunchie and pencil but we’ll go back soon when I’m ready to make a decision on the t-shirts.

For lessons Tabitha finished making her Sumerian Seal and thought that was pretty cool. I had her read her creative writing to Daisy in exchange for Daisy to stop talking while Tabitha was trying to write. The child would just not stop and take a breath yesterday! She did not nap, which is unusual, but when she had been in bed for an hour and 10 minutes and still wasn’t asleep, I didn’t really want her to nap at that point or she doesn’t wake up until almost 4:00pm. Her naps average 2.5 hours and often go 3.5 hours so it’s essential she go down fairly early so there’s enough time between nap and bedtime.

I finally did a scrapbook layout last night after dinner (new potato soup crockpot recipe and I served it in homemade bread bowls, yum). It’s been about a month since I’ve sat at my table. It’s the last of Daisy’s first birthday pictures. If interested head over to the recent scrapbook page and it’s the top layout.

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