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Quick and simple

By Tara Zandra | April 23, 2007

Saturday morning Tabitha had a Girl Scout event to attend so off we went :) It was a Songfest and the girls sang songs for a couple hours and had a swap session. The girls had great fun and I enjoyed watching and also got in some good talking time with my friend who is the troop co-leader.

After lunch at home my mom came over for a visit since she hadn’t seen the kids since Daisy’s birthday. After a while she suggested we go out to dinner and Tabitha chose Souplantation. We all had a nice time together.

Sunday we got up well before the sun and went to Disneyland. It was open at 6:30am yesterday and we got there at opening. We left around 1:00pm and came home and vegged. Chris napped, Tabitha and Daisy watched a movie and I read email. Then dinner, both kids in bed kind of early due to getting up so early and then Chris and I watched Amazing Race and played a game on the X-Box.

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