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Oooh, the flying monkeys

By Tara Zandra | April 19, 2007

I’ve been reading Wicked and it’s just odd. It has small bouts of vulgarity that seem to have no purpose so they come out of nowhere and then it bothers me. Yet, I cannot stop reading this book, I have to see where it goes. Although, I guess I know the ending. I like it enough that I’ll read the author’s other books, I think.

Daisy has taken to saying “Sheesh! I’m coming already!” when she is called somewhere. She says it with such exasperation in her voice that I can’t help but laugh. Of course, she’s always saying something to make me laugh so that’s not exactly unusual.

I wanted to share a poem Tabitha wrote last month. She wrote it just before bed when we were going to put her in our room since Daisy was still jabbering in thier room.

Alas, Daisy will not sleep!
She goes to bed, making a peep!
I must sleep in a different bed,
While D. is talking about stories she’s read.

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