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maybe I’ll type

By Tara Zandra | April 18, 2007

Life is going. Not bad, not good enough to worth mentioning, it just is, right now.

Our weekend was nice. We did a lot of shopping as it seemed everybody needed something. Shoes for Chris, shorts for Tabitha, train track and Spiderspud for Daisy and I. Sunday we did our usual trip to Disneyland. We got a later start than usual because when the alarm went off it was raining so we turned it off and went back to sleep until the kids woke us up. By then it was dry and clear so we got ready in 15 minutes and headed out. We altered our day to accomodate our late start and had a really good time. It didn’t seem that crowded so perhaps the rain scared off a few people. Since we hadn’t eaten we bought muffins at the bakery and had a nice breakfast sitting in Tomorrowland. We rode the Monorail all the way around for the first time in forever. It’s really quick and direct to Downtown Disney and then it takes a scenic route back into Tomorrowland. When Small World came into view, Daisy started jumping up and down with her hands in the air saying “Hooray! We’re back in Disneyland! There’s Small World! Hi Small World! We’re coming Small World!” Several people in the car with us were smiling and laughing with us. Anyway, we stayed until 3, leaving right after Tabitha played Musical Chairs with several characters. By that time it was pretty cold and getting to feel miserable so it was definitely time to go.

Nothing much has happened so far this week. Lessons and classes for both kids. We haven’t made much progress on the wall in the living room. Chris sanded and patched it, now it needs to be sanded again and then primed and painted. Here’s how it currently looks.


The wall on the left only has a small section of paneling down and we’ll get to the rest once the currently white wall is done. Slowly but surely, right?

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