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By Tara Zandra | April 7, 2007

I know I mentioned I moved a bookcase from the living room to get ready to paint a small wall. I also got the paneling down and Chris sanded. But then we realized that we can really just paint the small wall because the wall that is perpendicular to it has paneling too and therefore we can’t really do the corner. So, last night we emptied and moved the other bookcase too in preparation of painting the adjoining wall. Our goal today is to remove the paneling and sand. Then both walls need to be patched because drywall comes off when paneling is removed. Then I’d like to get the small wall primed and painted, but the bigger wall will have to wait until next weekend so it’s going to look not so good for a couple days.

I’ve hard boiled two dozen eggs and just need to do one more dozen. After Daisy’s nap today we’ll dye all the eggs. Either Chris or I needs to run to the store to grab two more Easter egg fillers. All we need are M&Ms and rolls of change since Tabitha is once again furiously filling her piggy bank to earn Disney dollars. She’s close to $20 and that’s the amount that she can cash in with me so she desperately wants change. It won’t matter if Daisy gets any eggs with the change because she enjoys putting it into a piggy bank too. So we’ll have three egg fillers, M&Ms, change, and Goldfish crackers. I forget the exacts of the baskets themselves but I know they each get 3 books, a dvd, and a small stuffed animal. Tabitha gets paper dolls, a small Disney Fairy, a playdoh set, and something else, I think. Daisy is getting a paint with water book, Percy train engine, a puzzle and that elusive something else, I think. Oh, I know Tabitha is getting a chocolate bunny, but I don’t recall if we got a similar one for Daisy or not. The baskets will also have small chocolate wrapped eggs and mini Cadbury creme eggs. We got grass made of paper hoping that will either discourage the cats from eating it, or at the least, it won’t potentially kill them like the plastic can. I think the baskets will look really nice, I look forward to putting them together tonight with Chris.

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