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The end

By Tara Zandra | April 27, 2006

Tomorrow marks the end of Math 2. I haven’t told Tabitha yet, but she’s probably reading over my shoulder as I type this so I guess she knows now [she was, btw]. In any case, we will not be diving right into Math 3, but taking a bit of time to do some review. There is built in review with Math 3 as well, but I feel this would be best. We will also be able to work more on our Solar Systerm book since it has been sorely neglected. I will make my thrice yearly statement that we’ll do more science experiments as well.

The time has definitely come to order the review book for her cursive. It has gotten way out of control and extremely sloppy. I’ll also get another book for her creative writing as the one she has is almost full.

No change on the spelling or grammar front as they are both 180 lessons and we’re nowhere near the end of those programs, heck we’re not even in the middle.

For today’s creative writing, I gave the idea of “If I had [blank] it would do [blank] for me.”

“If I had a Robot, it would sleep for me. Why? So I can stay up longer.”

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