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whine and cheese

By Tara Zandra | March 21, 2007

Daisy fell asleep late and woke up early so she’s in a bit of a whine mood this morning. It rained last night, not sure if it will continue, but in any case, the park Daisy plays in while Tabitha is at baton will surely be too wet and dirty to play which will undoubtedly cheese her off. So to sum up, not a good day in Daisy’s world.

Last night Tabitha helped me with dinner. She did a good job at the stove though eventually her hand got hot. She gets the concept of following a recipe since we’ve been cooking and baking together for years but she’s not a “cook” yet. She’s not even quite tall enough to see the bottom of the pan she’s stirring without standing on tip-toes. The problem is I don’t know how to teach her to cook to taste and not need a recipe. I started cooking about 10 and just kind of did what I wanted. I was cooking steaks and chicken within two years and seasoned them to taste and that was that. I don’t even remember how I knew what temp for the chicken though I know I almost always broiled steaks. Not that this is a current concern in our family, of course, lol. But cooking was just something I did and I’d like to instill that in both my kids so when they don’t live at home they don’t have to live on Ramen noodles (though there were times Chris and I lived on that because we were so poor. Ah, memories). Maybe I’ll start with her seasoning the soy crumbles for tacos. I know my dad had me smell each seasoning/herb before adding it to see if that’s what I was going for taste wise. The best day was when we accidentally breaded the chicken with powdered sugar instead of flour :) I don’t know which one of us pulled the wrong thing out of the cupboard, but the story has persisted between us for years. I think that’s exactly what I’ll do, tacos are on the menu for tomorrow so I’ll have Tabitha help season them.

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