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By Tara Zandra | April 27, 2006

The replacement part for the dryer failed. Doing laundry at the in-laws’ is going to get old real quick.

My beloved Target failed me in the infant medication department. To be fair, it wasn’t my usual Target but still. I’m very sad. Thankfully we finally found infant drops at a different Sav-On that does not combine a cough medicine and fever reducer. Just, you know, a cold medicine. We also bought Vicks baby rub and Daisy certainly slept better last night than the previous night so something worked.

I have been having dreams galore for the last week. My dreams are so detailed they are exhausting so combined with a baby who’s not sleeping so well and I’m not waking up with that proverbial refreshed feeling. One dream had American Idol singers, a Survivor castaway, Eddie Vedder, a sorority, thigh high boots and an ex-co-worker. Sounds like a party.


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