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By Tara Zandra | March 20, 2007

Yesterday I was doing lessons with Tabitha and she decided she wanted to do lessons with Daisy. What ensued was 45 minutes of cuteness. Tabitha got it just right. Her language was appropriate (meaning at the right level to be understood by a two year old), her expectations were just right and she was flexible in what Daisy wanted and didn’t want. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the two of them. When they play together they usually get pretty crazy since Tabi is the queen of rambunctious play so it was nice to see them play calmly for so long.

One thing we started the other day when we rearranged the toys was create an interest table. Each night after Daisy goes to bed I set up something different on the kid table for her to enjoy the next day. This gets all the toys played with and is less overwhelming for Daisy. Sometimes I think she has a hard time picking what to play with due to the sheer amount of toys in our house. Also, she seems to like toys off the ground. When we were at Toys R Us the other night, she played with the train table as usual. The thing is, she never plays with her trains at home, even if I set them up for her. So Chris set up a track on the table and sure enough, the next day, she played with them for most of the day. Today I have it covered in paper for her to color on the whole thing. Lately she’s been into drawing with pens and I’d like to get her back to crayons so I’ve only provided a box of crayons, we’ll see if she uses them or demands pens.

For Tabitha I’m giving her a set thing to play with though I don’t need to set it up for her. I’m not suggesting, I’m telling and that led to over an hour of enjoying her felt board yesterday- something she doesn’t think to play with. I can use this to see if anything is past it’s prime in our house. If I tell her to play with something and she only plays for a little bit of time, then I know it might be time to put it in the donation pile. Of course, many things that Tabitha might be outgrowing, Daisy will be growing into so it’s harder to get rid of toys that way.

Some women buy purses and shoes- I buy toys.

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