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Where are the drugs?

By Tara Zandra | April 26, 2006

So the little one has a minor cold. Slightly stuffy nose, but more annoying for both of us is the runny nose. The cold medicine I have for her is Tylenol plus cold and cough which treats a fever and a cough that she doesn’t have. I dislike over-medicating so off to Sav-On we go.

We have to walk because Chris’s car needs a brake job so he took my car to work. Of course, the good stroller is in my car along with my beloved hip carrier which means I’m stuck with the auxiliary stroller that isn’t very good and far from a delight to push. Oh, and it’s cold and Tabitha’s wearing a dress having put her last pair of jeans into her hamper last night. Why didn’t I do laundry? I did, I washed, but I cannot dry, I discovered yesterday because my dryer has apparently decided not to work and is waiting for Chris to get home with a replacement part. Not a good week in this house for mechanical things.

So, we’ve established the baby has a runny nose, I have to push the bad stroller, it’s cold and threatening rain and Tabitha is in a dress in this cold.

We get to Sav-On without incident and we get into the empty cold medication aisle. Only, three other groups follow me and the aisle is no longer empty and one of the groups wants to be where I am. I get the stroller and Tabitha out of the way so I can kneel down on the floor because that’s where children’s cold remedies are kept for some reason. As I scan the shelves it becomes quite apparent that they don’t care about children who have a simple cold. Nope, unless you have a cough and/or fever and/or sinus headache, they do not stock a med. for the baby. I even know what I’m looking for in two different brands no less and cannot find it. I checked the baby aisle but nothing so back to the meds aisle and I re-check. Absolutely nothing for a simple runny nose; only two shelves of multi-symptom medications. So I’m at a drug store, a brand new gigantic drug store and cannot find drugs! Beach balls, cat food, coloring books and Easter candy, no prob, but drugs? Not gonna happen.

Once Chris is home I will head to my beloved Target who will have what I want, but make me take a card to the pharmacy so I don’t use OTC drugs to do bad things. But, they will have exactly what I want which is why Target rules.

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One Response to “Where are the drugs?”

  1. Melody Says:
    April 27th, 2006 at 7:15 am

    Isn’t that just a pain in the butt? I thought only Texas did that card thing, because when my sister was in town at Christmas we ALL caught Gavan’s cold. She could take sudafed with her pregnancy, but didn’t realize all the horrors you have to go through just to get a box. She was shocked, said it’s not like that in CO. Maybe not yet?