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Still whiny

By Tara Zandra | February 23, 2007

The plumbing issues are taken care of. We had to call a plumber as Chris was having major issues replacing a pipe. Turns out the plumber had major issues as well. But I know have shiny pipes under my sink and not leaks, clogs, or broken pipes- that is not something I could say this morning. Tomorrow I have to take my car in and cross my fingers. Of course, I have horrible car luck so I’m sure I’ll be told some ghastly, unattainable number for the cost. I assume I was a used car salesman in a past life and that’s why I can’t keep a working car now. At some point I’d like to think karma will figure I’ve paid back my debt.

I also still hurt, though Chris is going to give me shoulder, neck and back rub as soon as Tabi is off to bed. You’ll notice the time is past 10. Daisy was delayed with bed due to the plumber so Tabitha is now also delayed. And of course we have to be up and out the door at 8:30am tomorrow for a Girl Scout event so no sleeping in for either of us. Saturday is supposed to be my day too! At least once the event is over we’re done with obligations for the day and it will just be family time.

I didn’t scrapbook today because there was a Mr. Potato Head explosion in the playroom and I couldn’t even open my craft table to work. But I did get all those layouts uploaded to my scrapbook webpage as I mentioned earlier so at least something got done.

Okay, this is all enough of a complain-fest, I’ll stop now. ‘Night.

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