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love is all around

By Tara Zandra | February 15, 2007

Time for my Wednesday night ramble due to the hubby watching Lost. First, I must share my babies :)



The three of us went to Disneyland today to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. We had a lovely time though our drive there was fraught with many frustrations.

Can I share the card Chris gave me today? The outside says:

“I have the simplest taste. I am always sastisfied with the best.”

Inside the card it says:

You, my darling, will do just fine.

Swoon :) Plus there was a personal message that I won’t share but it’s even more sweet because it’s not pre-printed words. He does pick the best cards.

We didn’t do anything this evening as we don’t usually celebrate. After dinner, Tabitha and I did lessons while Chris and Daisy did her lessons. That kid cannot stand for Tabi to do lessons without a promise of getting to do them herself. For history, Tabitha was painting her name in Hieroglyphs so we set Daisy next to her and let her draw with a black marker. I wasn’t up for the painting mess with her so I promised Daisy she’d get to paint very soon. Once we got Daisy in bed, Chris, Tabitha and I watched Cinderella III and I must say we laughed our bums off. There was some pretty funny stuff in there. We had to pause so Tabitha could calm down because we couldn’t hear anything being said due to her uncontrollable laughter.

Daisy and I went back to Kindermusik yesterday, we hadn’t been since January. Apparently we’d been gone too long because I had ‘Reserved Daisy’ as opposed to ‘Dancing Fool Daisy.’ She loosened up a bit at the end but for the most part she was in my arms. We’ve gone through this before and she’ll be back into it in a couple weeks.

We had a good weekend, Saturday after hula, the four of us headed out to Hollywood to see Peter Pan at the El Capitan. Daisy did so well. She was quiet, interested in the movie and did not try to leave. I’m most impressed with the quiet, this kid has a very powerful screech. We had a good time but I think the novelty of going there has worn off. Parking was difficult because the lot we planned to use was full of risers and lighting and stuff for the Oscars. There’s loads of traffic on Hollywood Blvd. and there’s so much traffic getting there and getting home on the freeways that I don’t know how worth it is anymore.

Sunday, Tabitha and I went to American Girl Place with my MIL. I want to share loads of pictures and talk about it in detail so I’ll save that for another post. Soon. I hope.

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One Response to “love is all around”

  1. Miss Quinlan Says:
    February 15th, 2007 at 2:33 pm

    Daisy’s dress is ADORABLE! I’m IN LOVE with retro vintage dresses.