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Not lost

By Tara Zandra | February 8, 2007

Chris is in the living room watching Lost which I do not partake of so here I sit with my headphones on. I put on one of my favorite Limp Bizkit songs and itunes is telling me it was last played on 12/31/05. In the car I only get to listen to Wiggles and Radio Disney (I am sooo tired of that Year 3000 song) so I can believe it’s been that long. Sad.

For those commented on Daisy’s dress, first off, thank you. I bought it last year just before she turned 1. It was on sale at Baby Gap and I fell in love with it. But Chris didn’t particularly care for it so I didn’t buy it. After a while I decided I was getting it no matter what and by then the smallest size was a 2T so for the last year I’ve held hope that she could wear it on her birthday. The weather was cooperated and she wore the beloved dress. I still love it :)

Today the girls both seemed healthier so we celebrated by going out and spending their gift cards. Tabitha received $50 at Friends 2B Made at Christmas and Daisy received the same amount at Build a Bear for her birthday. There is one mall around here that has both stores so off we went. Tabitha had fun making her new doll, named Cinnamon, and Daisy was happy she was going to make a stuffed animal next. Unfortunately, the lady at Build a Bear was too talkative and a little too in your face so Daisy instantly disliked her and asked to go back into the mall. I convinced her to stay and she was happy as soon as we walked away from the lady. Daisy chose a tabby cat and named it Orange (actually she was talking about a button on the computer keyboard but I went with it, otherwise she names things “MyFoot” and “DisOne”). This evening while I was cooking dinner, Daisy was walking around with it and just loving on her kitty. We didn’t bother dressing it so she has plenty left on her gift card so perhaps we’ll do it again in a few months, though a different location.

We hit Gymboree and the Disney Store before grabbing lunch at the food court. By the time we left it was an hour past nap time so Daisy conked out in the car and easily transferred to her bed once we were home. Tabitha and I did a math lesson while she slept, but that was it since it was late.

After dinner we all went to Target where we discovered you cannot get liquid starch. We need it for a project but instead I bought the spray kind and we’ll hope for the best. But what you can get is Girl Scout Cookie ice cream. Oh, I knew of the Thin Mint variety, but not Samoa and Tagalong! Chris and I had the Samoa while watching Beauty and the Geek. Mmmm.

Also Girl Scout related, Tabitha, Chris and I made s’mores before Tabs went to bed. It’s for a badge and her troop did it last week but Tabitha wasn’t at that meeting due to illness so we made it up for her at home. I just happened to have vegan marshmallows on hand and they melted okay in the microwave.

Chris and I decided we needed to join Netflix. It’s never been an issue before because my BIL has the largest DVD collection of anyone I’ve ever seen. So we used to just borrow movies from him and supplement with Pay-Per-View every now and then. But he moved a bit too far away for us to just drop in and pick out a couple movies so Netflix it is. We haven’t paid to rent movies since, hmmm, 1997. So what was our first pick? Troop Beverly Hills, lol. It’s a cute little movie that I always enjoyed and I thought with Tabitha selling Girl Scout Cookies she’d get a kick out of it. Of course, I forgot how much fighting there was between the divorcing parents, but I think she enjoyed the songs. Our next choice isn’t much better, Blast from the Past with Brendan Fraser. I was thinking about it a few weeks ago and decided I wanted to see it again. After that it gets less embarassing with Little Miss Sunshine. I’m bad about watching movies because I have to be in just the right mood, so we’re going with the most basic membership at first to make sure this is worth it.

After both birthdays my house is now officially too full of toys. There’s a trampoline in my living room for goodness sake! I don’t know how we’re going to tame it all but we are sorely losing the battle. I purge anything I can, but the fact of the matter is, the kids actually play with everything we have out. I regularly get rid of anything I feel is not getting proper attention, but there’s still so much. I need a free playroom makeover but one of those organizer stores.

We had brought Daisy into our room for the last two nights because Tabitha’s coughing was waking up Daisy repeatedly. Chris had to drive to his parents’ and get the pack n play so she’d have somewhere to sleep. Tonight we have her back in her bed so hopefully Tabitha won’t keep her up and Chris won’t have to be super quiet in the morning when he gets up. If all goes well tonight I’ll take down the pack n play tomorrow and put my sitting area back together. It’s not a sitting area for me, it’s for the kids. I put the Thinking Chair and a zebra ottoman in the room where Daisy’s crib was kept. Also brought back in my moon and star room divider so it’s a cool little area. I think I have a picture of it. Let me go look.

Ah, here it is.


That’s the bathroom door to the right and the foot of our bed is to the immediate left. The kids always want to play on my bed when I’m in there getting dressed or folding laundry or what have you so this way they have a place for one or both of them to come and visit. I like it, though it took a week or so for them to get that this meant the bed was off limits.

Ooh, it looks like Lost is over. Bed time :)

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One Response to “Not lost”

  1. Melody Says:
    February 9th, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Ahh so you watch Beauty and the Geek too! I just enjoy that show. All of the “geeks” were like family to me, I grew up with my brother and all his friends around all the time. :)
    Then, of course, I married my own “geek.”