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I got my miracle

By Tara Zandra | February 3, 2007

Well, Tabitha woke up yesterday feeling so much better and her fever had finally broken after being around 101 for two solid days even with Tylenol. She looked better and she sounded better so I threw her in the shower to wake her up and she ate loads of food too and all in all she gave me so much hope that Daisy would be that way Sunday.

Because yesterday Daisy was trule miserable. Her fever was between 100 and 101 but I let her keep it so her body could fight the germs. I also felt it was pointless to fight with her to get Tylenol in her because 1- not enough makes it into her, and 2- it hadn’t done Tabitha any good at all. So she spent most of the day in my arms killing my back and shoulder. She was able to doze while I held her so she did a fair amount of sleeping and in the afternoon she started taking liquids again much to my relief. She didn’t hack like Tabi and her nose only ran a little bit, it was mainly the fever.

I decided she had to take something before bed to give her some relief so hopefully she would be able to sleep. With Chris here we’re able to work together and get the meds in her without any trouble. I must say, we gave her the meds about 45 minutes before bed and her fever completely broke before we laid her down. She was so sweaty but she didn’t care and she went down with no issues whatsoever. She even stayed asleep for a good 5 hours. When she woke at 1:30am she had a fever again, but lower, like just under 100 so I didn’t put more meds in her.

This morning is the reason for my post title- she’s fine. I mean, just fine. No fever and no whiny disposistion. She has the tiniest bit of congestion but she asked for breakfast and is totally fine. Her birthday is saved!

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One Response to “I got my miracle”

  1. Melody Says:
    February 5th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Yayyyy I’m so glad!!!! Happy Birthday Daisy! I so wanted to jump on here to wish her a happy. My cold got worse yesterday and I spent most of the day on the couch, it wasn’t until last night in bed that I thought “Oh wow, it’s Daisy’s special day!” I think I fell asleep hearing that song Tabitha played on her violin, in my head. :)