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Not good

By Tara Zandra | February 2, 2007

Remember how I wrote on Wednesday morning Tabitha coughed so much she threw up? Well that became such a hideous cold I’m about ready to call it the flu. She has been running a continuous temperature which gives her chills, hacks something fierce and has a stuffy nose. She’s been sleeping for the most part, which is good, and she’s intaking a decent amount of liquids but I wish is were more. She’s been weepy and pretty miserable. Today I need a miracle and need her to feel a thousand times better. Why? Because today it is obvious to me that Daisy is coming down with the same thing, which means that however Tabitha feels today is probably how Daisy will feel on Sunday- you know, her birthday :(

She wants her birthday, she keeps talking about her birthday and her party and what she’s going to ride at Disneyland on her birthday. I don’t know what we’re going to do if she’s as sick as Tabitha. She already has a temp (though thankfully not as high as Tabitha’s) and there’s little hacks every now and then and an increased need to blow her nose. Under regular circumstances I hate to see my kids sick, but a birthday is the worst possible time.

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One Response to “Not good”

  1. Melody Says:
    February 2nd, 2007 at 11:22 am

    Aww poor girls. We have that hacking cough here in my home as well. Not fun at all.