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8 years old

By Tara Zandra | February 1, 2007

So Tuesday was Tabitha’s 8th birthday :)

As soon as she awoke, we all headed into the dining room where her presents were waiting. Her big gift this year was an American Girl doll that looks like her. Tabitha was thrilled when she opened it and kept saying how it looked just like her. Her other gifts were all related, we gave her a book on doing her doll’s hair in different styles, an outfit to match the one her doll is wearing, and a violin for the doll.


We then all got dressed and headed out to Disneyland. Tabitha knew we were going there, because we go there every year for her birthday, but she didn’t know that our first stop was the PCH Grill in the Paradise Pier Hotel for Lilo and Stitch’s character breakfast buffet. She had a good time dancing Lilo’s favorite hula and playing hot lava with Stitch. Oh, and I think she actually may have eaten some food as well. Daisy didn’t want to sit at all so that added a layer of difficulty, but she was allowed to play the games as well and certainly enjoyed that. Not to mention seeing the characters. At the end of the meal, Tabitha’s birthday bucket I ordered was delivered. It was princess themed and came with a personal cake on top. Inside was a birthday trading pin, princess magnet set and I think something else.

We then headed into Disneyland. You may recall Miss Tabitha requested to wear a princess costume for that day so she was decked out in her Aurora finery. We went to the Princess Fantasy Faire area where Tabitha had her hair put into a royal style; you know, flowers and glitter. It came out really nice and I’m glad we had it done.


Next she and I waited in a looooong line to visit with Mulan, Belle and Aurora. We walked around for a little bit and then headed back to the princess area for storytime. Next we went to ToonTown to say hi to Mickey and back again to the princesses for the Royal Coronation. We then said good-bye to the Princess Fantasy Faire to move on to other things.

Tabitha wanted to do the Jr. Chef activity which is simply making cookies. At the end the kids all get cookies- supposedly the ones they mixed, but lets face it, that’s got to be some kind of health code violation; not to mention they bake in about 2 minutes. Being Tabitha’s birthday she got the special Mickey shaped cookie in the end. It was fresh from the oven and she shared with me and man was that some chocolaty-gooey goodness!

While Tabitha was baking, Chris and Daisy were off character hunting and eventually Chris was pushing Daisy in the stroller with the purpose of getting her asleep- she was by the end of Jr. Chef. We then walked over to California Adventure so Tabitha could get her bag of tortillas at the factory and she rode a couple rides as well. At that point Tabitha really wanted to go back into Disneyland since she didn’t ride anything there so off we went!

First was the carrousel and then she wanted to watch the Merlin show. Basically Merlin comes out and has to pick someone worthy of pulling the sword out of the stone and that person will be temporary ruler of Disneyland. Really temporary, like 5 minutes, but the person who does it gets a cool medallion and a proclaimation with their name. First Merlin picks a big guy who should be worthy, but of course, he can’t pull up the sword and Merlin gets some good ribbing in. Next a child is chosen and they succeed. In the show we watched, Chris was the guy chosen and Tabitha was chosen temporary ruler!

Daisy woke up during the show so Chris took both girls back on the carrousel and then they rode Dumbo and hit Astro Orbiter before we decided that we were just too cold and really needed to go home.

Tabitha made mention in the car of wishing something was going on that evening so Chris and I used our telepathy to agree we would take her out for ice cream after dinner.

Tabitha’s plate consisted of exactly what she asked for a couple days ago for her birthday dinner: cheese tortellini, an apple, and an orange. After dinner we decided going out wasn’t such a good idea so I went out by myself to get a surprise to end the day. I ran to Baskin Robbins and bought one of their clown cones that are always in the cold case. I also picked up a pre-packed quart for the rest of us to enjoy. When I got home I had Tabi cover her eyes and I placed it in front of her. Tabitha thought it was a great surprise and a wonderful way to end her 8th birthday.


Happy Birthday Princess!

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6 Responses to “8 years old”

  1. Aunt Kari Says:
    February 1st, 2007 at 8:43 am

    What a lovely lovely day for a beautiful 8 year old princess!

    Happy Birthday (belated) Tabitha.

  2. Miss Quinlan Says:
    February 1st, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Princess Tabitha!

    On the final note, Tara, I must say, she looked too gorgeous in that dress. I MEAN IT.

  3. J Says:
    February 1st, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    A big Happy Birthday to Tabitha and WOW did she look stunning in her dress and cape!! The hair was a lovely touch as well :)

  4. Mel Says:
    February 1st, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    Happy 8th to Tabitha! What an awesome day.

  5. Melody Says:
    February 2nd, 2007 at 11:21 am

    Happy Birthday Tabitha!!!! Looks like a fantastic day for her! Gosh it must be so much fun to be a child in your household! You and Chris are two of the best parents I know!

  6. Suzanne Says:
    February 2nd, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Happy birthday to Tabitha. What a wonderful day for her to remember. Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon.