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mmmm, muffins

By Tara Zandra | January 18, 2007

Yesterday got worse and worse with both kids refusing dinner (and Tabitha, at least, has always eaten pesto before). But there was good in last night. After dinner we went to the mall and ordered Tabitha’s cookie cake for her party this weekend. She had one at her 2nd birthday, but of course she doesn’t remember so it’s like a new thing for her. Daisy will not be having a party this year as there are really only 3 kids I could invite. She’ll get her day at Disneyland though, as is the tradition, which will include a meal at Goofy’s Kitchen (it’s a character meal where several characters are there to visit with) and then we’ll do Disneyland and do anything at all that she wants and meet as many characters as she wants. Once she conks out in her stroller we’ll probably head home.

Once we came home from our errand, the kids and I made chocolat chip muffins. But the recipe was definitely wrong so I had to fix it and thankfully, it worked. So all is well and we had yummy muffins before the kids went to bed. Think I know what breakfast is today.

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