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Day is done

By Tara Zandra | January 5, 2007

Brownies last night went very well. Tabitha had a great time, as I assumed she would. Next time is our turn to bring snack and it’s supposed to be healthy. The only problem I have with snack during the meeting is our meetings are late, so in my opinion, everyone should have eaten dinner. I know Tabitha wasn’t even a little bit hungry, which is good because it was a snack she does not care to eat. In any case, she and I are trying to figure out what to bring next time.

As most know, Girl Scouts earn badges; for Brownies they are called Try-Its and each girl is supposed to let the leaders know next time one Try-It they want to do with the troop. And then the mom can help out with that project. So Tabitha turns right to the Earth section of her Try-It book and wants to do all sorts of really cool ones. The problem is they either require day light or going out on hikes. Not really conducive to evening meetings. So she’ll do those on her own with the family. Instead I kind of steared her in the direction of one I can easily help with at a meeting. She approved so that’s all set.

Today was windy. And by windy I mean there were fallen trees across the roads. Driving through cyclones of leaves and branches had both the girls screeching in the back seat. Cause that’s what I need while driving in wind that can pick up my tiny Kia and land me in the land of Munchkins. The bright spot of my day was Mr. F came again and more bushes have been cut back. Hooray!

Right now I’m waiting for Daisy to stop singing in bed to signal she’s actually asleep and then Tabi and I have a date to play Disney Uno before popping her into bed as well. Not sure what the plan is for me and Chris.

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