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the fumes are gonna get me

By Tara Zandra | January 1, 2007

Yesterday Tabitha and I went on our annual end of year shopping trip. It was a nice girls day and we also saw Charlotte’s Web. I didn’t think I would enjoy it since I don’t like the animated one I grew up with but in fact, it was quite enjoyable. The only problem with the day was I wasn’t in the mood to shop and was buying things just to buy them as opposed to really loving stuff. But now I’ve gotten started on the kids’ spring and summer clothes so it’s all good.

I was pretty wiped out by the time we got home though and my stomach felt horrid (corn dog and extra-buttered popcorn will do that) so I only had oatmeal for dinner and then took a hot bath. While I was bathing, Chris and the girls were playing karaoke. I joined them for one song and then it was time for midnight [East Coast style]. Both kids loved the party horns of course but eventually we got them off to bed. Chris and I stayed up for the real midnight before conking out for the night.

Today is a new year and time for a new look in the house. We painted the entry way and I love it! The walls are purple and the doors are black with purple trim :) I’ll take pictures soon but we ran out of tape for the last touch up area so we won’t be completely finished until tomorrow night. But man does it look great. And my Mickey mirror is going to look so good there. Only downside is the paint fumes have really taken their toll on me and I feel awful. My chest is quite congested and my throat feels yuck as well. But it’s all worth it. Now I’m anxious to paint the living room to tie it all in together with the purple couch. We won’t be doing the living room walls purple though as that would be overkill. We’ll be going with a light gray with black trim. Our couch and hanging lamps provide the color for that room. Well, the toys provide a heck of a lot of color as well, lol. My house definitely looks like it has kids, that’s for sure. Hopefully we’ll enjoy the entry way so much that we’ll get cracking very soon on the living room. At the very least I’d like us to start gathering our supplies.

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