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Town meme

By Tara Zandra | January 2, 2007

How commercialized is your town within 5 miles?

By using Yahoo Yellow Pages, corporate websites, or any other method of your choosing, figure out how many of the following you have within 5 miles of your address:

* Starbucks
* Mc Donald’s
* Subway
* 7-eleven
and any other major chain that might be interesting in your area.

Starbucks- 9 Interesting enough the furthest 3 are the ones in the same city as me, the first 6 are in three different cities; I live in an odd shaped area.

Mc Donald’s- 16


7-eleven- 10

Target- 2 according to Yahoo but a new one just opened that I’m pretty sure is within 5 miles.

Taco Bell- 5, but I think one listed just closed

Malls- Only 1, but the other is only 6.3 miles away

Our bank ATM- 11

So yeah, there’s a lot o’ stuff here. We are very much in the suburbs which has it good and bad points.

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