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If the [running] shoe fits

By Tara Zandra | May 11, 2016

Or in this case, running clothes.

Dee has a 2+ hour class on Wednesdays but with traffic it’s not worth my time going home so I just hang out in the area. I figured I go running on that bike trail we used last week. This necessitated the excavation of my running clothes.

First I visited 2016 and removed the top layer of size 16 jeans. These are my current jeans and there were no surprises here as I wear jeans pretty regularly.

We then went back to the early part of 2015 and removed the size 14 layer. In truth, these would also represent the denial part of late 2015. This layer also included my “flowy pants” stage which was what I convinced myself would be a good idea instead of admitting I needed to buy those 16s.

One more layer down to the size 12s of 2014 and late 2013. Ah, the good ol’ days. Back when I cared and actually worked out and/or ran on a fairly regular basis. Found some cute PJs in this layer too. But also found what I was actually looking for- one sports bra to strap the ladies in, one shirt to gently “wick” away the moisture that women can’t call sweat, and one pair of, well, I known once upon a time they were spandex shorts but now I wasn’t so sure. So I threw everything in the washer and went to bed smug in my knowledge that I was going to get out there and actually be active for once in the last 3 years.

Except this morning dawned overcast and cold. I really do get rather depressed with this weather. Rain I can handle- clouds with no point just depress me and my anxiety was high.

Very high.

But I’m nothing if not determined so I grabbed those running clothes from the dryer and put them on my body.

That was my mistake.

First of all, I’ve had the shorts since 1999 as part of my tae-bo phase after having Tabitha. The waist was so damn high they could touch the ladies- who, let’s face it, hang lower than they did 17 years ago. But the sports bra fixed that and it was fine so I put my shirt over and was instantly reminded that I bought this during the active years of 2013-2014 and there was no way this side of hell I was going out like this.

Lumpy, thin shorts, and a sausage casing shirt. Nope!

A trip to Target was definitely in order so now that has been accomplished and tomorrow I take Daisy bike riding and I’m going to run.

For reals.

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One Response to “If the [running] shoe fits”

  1. Mel Says:
    May 17th, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    I wear a 16 too. For about 3 years now. I was on a 14 plateau for a long time. I think I was in 12’s back in the mid 2000’s. I haven’t been in single digit jeans since about 1998. I am just glad to be tall. LOL