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Hallmark Addiction

By Tara Zandra | May 5, 2016

Got my little Bluetooth keyboard! Typing this via the browser on my phone and in my room. Works like a charm. I’m not a laptop kind of gal though I’d one of like a new netbook or my own tablet, but I think I’d want one of the multi-purpose tablets where it can work like either a tablet or like a netbook. A keyboard is pretty much a must for me. This works in the meantime though. Wonder if I can upload photos via my phone?


What do you know? (Edited to add: sideways though, huh? Guess I’ll need to work on that)

Currently watching When Calls the Heart while I type and I’m very much enamored with this show. I became addicted to all the Hallmark Channel movies over Christmas. Watched so many of those movies day and night while I crocheted. I know they were cheesy as can be and formulaic, but man oh man did I fall for all of it. Once Christmas was over I started watching other movies and then we ordered the Hallmark Mystery channel which had versions of my favorite cozy mystery books turned into movies. Next thing you know I’m watching their series like Good Witch and When Call the Heart. True addiction at this point.

Daisy and I explored a bike trail today while Tabitha was in Modern Lit. She doesn’t get a lot of practice and when she takes her bike to park, she only rides for a little bit. Went for a mile and a half ride today and she was doing so wonderfully! I thought I’d just really power walk and being able to do a decent job keeping up- nope! Guess I’ll have to dig out my running shoes next time.

I spent time looking up local bike trails as ideally we’d all have bikes. There are many, though none super close as is common with pretty much anything we want to do :( But if we get a bike holder attached to my car, we can go anywhere with them. They even make little baskets so I can bring Biscuit.

Enough rambling- really loving this keyboard!

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One Response to “Hallmark Addiction”

  1. Melyssa R. Says:
    May 5th, 2016 at 7:46 pm

    So ironic. We all 3 have bikes. We live within literally, 30 seconds of miles and miles and miles of pretty trails that go from here all the way to Boulder if you want. Do we EVER ride bikes? That would be a big fat NO. Well, Tom does in the summer. By himself. It’s his way of letting off work steam.
    I didn’t even know there was a Hallmark mystery channel. I may check that out. I don’t really watch Hallmark except for Cedar Cove. I like that show because I read the entire series. Simple, nice, predictable stories…I read Debbie Macomber when life is stressful. LOL