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last minute plans

By Tara Zandra | April 3, 2016

Still not 100%, but it’s not use going over it again.

Friday Chris got an email about things going on this weekend via StubHub. One of the events was Adam Lambert at the Orpheum and someone was selling tix for six bucks! Sure they were third to the back row of the balcony, but they were dead center, and again, six bucks. We decided to go for it!

The thing is, we don’t actually own any Adam Lambert music. Never watched American Idol, either. But we do know that what little we’ve heard, he’s got an incredible voice. I really wish we had been able to see him tour with Queen but that never happened for us. We enjoy going to concerts, we enjoy good singers, it seemed like a good fit even if we knew exactly one song :)

We usually go to rock concerts so this was a bit different since it was a pop concert. I mean little differences, like he had dancers and choreography which we don’t usually see. Plus he had costume changes. Usually we just see Eddie Veddar or whomever take off there flannel and go with the next layer. Like I said, little things that we noted.

We were, unfortunately, also with people who didn’t seem to grasp the concept of standing for a concert. I’ve definitely seen this at even the most hardcore concerts so it’s not a reflection on Adam at all. He gave a high-energy performance. But we’re usually in the GA pit area so I’d forgotten that sometimes people sit. That’s no way to enjoy music, people! This wasn’t the symphony!

So, what did we think of this concert put on by someone we weren’t super familiar with? Adam Lambert was wonderful! So entertaining. Such an amazing singer. Really just a great time overall and we definitely need to not only buy his music, but start following him on social media so we’ll know when he tours again. We would absolutely go see him again in a heart beat.

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One Response to “last minute plans”

  1. Melyssa R. Says:
    April 7th, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    I am still sad I sold my tickets but am sure he’ll come through Denver again at some point. When he was on AI, my initial thought after his audition was he was already too good for that show! LOL When he performed with Queen, and KISS, on the show I was swooning! He is just so damn good.