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Out of commission

By Tara Zandra | March 31, 2016

The same night as my last posting, I started feeling like my chest was very congested and my throat was hurting in a way it hasn’t before. Basically, I’ve been sick. I was debating on making a doctor’s appt as I didn’t think it was just a virus, but then the concerning symptoms cleared, and it was just a cough, but as of today, I feel like some of the original symptoms are back so I may need to cave in case this is a case for antibiotics, which I haven’t had to take since I was a kid when they gave them to you for anything. At this point though, we’re coming up on two solid weeks of me not really being better, just exhibiting different symptoms.

Anyway, I managed to not do some stuff, and the girls were on spring break from their outside academic classes last week, but there was still some things that couldn’t be avoided. Like Easter.


It was a nice time at home, the girls enjoyed their baskets but tore through the hung. There were a total of 116 eggs and I think they were done in 15-minutes. Though I also think one egg is still missing. It has money in it so it’ll be a nice surprise one day.

After the egg festivities were done, I spent my morning in my kitchen making yummies to take to my in-laws’. There was another egg hunt there and then a delicious dinner and dessert. But at some point my holiday adrenaline ran out and I need to go home right then. Stupid illness took over again.

This week has once again been spent not doing more than I could help. Which means the laundry has really piled up :)

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