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busy bees

By Tara Zandra | March 20, 2016

I haven’t had time the last few evenings to jump on here. Thursday night was my last regular season Kings game with the hubby. They were down, then tied, then down, then really down, then tied, then won in overtime! Got to see my much loved favorite player Anze Kopitar score the winning goal. It was a fun and exciting game and a great way to end for me :)

Friday the girls and I headed to our regular park day. Very small turnout which has been happening more and more over the last two years. Makes me sad, but my efforts to revitalize have not worked. Kind of unsure what to do at this point. Not even sure there is anything I can do.

Saturday was a baby shower for us girls while the husband stayed home and got started on Daredevil. He also may have taken care of some outgrown and large toys whilst a certain 11-year-old was away, but you didn’t hear that from me! In the evening, he and I took another date night and went to California Adventure for one of the last Mad T Parties. I’ll save my thoughts on that for another day.

And today we all headed out to Whimsic Alley which is a Harry Potter themed store. Except, now it’s structure is themed, but they carry merchandise from lots of fandoms- Game of Thrones, Outlander, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and I am possibly forgetting a few. They have a banquet hall they use for events and today was a craft faire. In theory it was a time travelers craft faire, but there was everything represented. We bought so many goodies! We had a ton of raffle tickets but sadly walked away with nothing :(

Lunch was definitely in order when we left so we headed to a new taco spot only to find out that it’s really new and really popular. Like valet parking and a line around the building kind of popular. We went to Denny’s, lol. The tacos can wait for another day, much as it pains my Mexican food-loving taste buds to say that.

So while I didn’t actually achieve the posting everyday, it wasn’t for forgetting or not being in the mood, just wasn’t here to do it. See ya tomorrow!

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