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down day

By Tara Zandra | March 16, 2016

Not a great day today. Just kind of down and thinking too much- way too much- about not-so-good stuff. I managed to do some lessons with Daisy though so it wasn’t a total loss. Also did a Starbucks run so the older child could get the Cherry Blossom Frappuccino. It was green and tasted like strawberry so not exactly what she, or I, expected. Daisy doesn’t do their drinks so she chose a lemon pound cake slice for a treat.

This afternoon was nice though. I had early dinner plans with a friend and it was good to talk for a couple hours. Plus I had chips and salsa for the second day in a row, tomorrow I’ll go for the trifecta!

Tonight I am going to buckle down and finish this last bit of crocheting that has been waiting for a week. I have so little left to do but the procrastination in me is oh-so strong.

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