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5-minute bullet points

By Tara Zandra | May 19, 2015

  • I’ve got 5-minutes before I wake the girls for the day, might as well say hi.
  • Hi!
  • It’s been months and months but we’re all still here and doing fine.
  • Tabitha just finished a [school] year of Latin and British Lit. She had 100% throughout all of Latin and was one of only 3 to earn a certificate of merit for her score on the National Latin Exam
  • British Lit caused her grade anxiety (she has a 97% but wanted higher) and that is not something I thought I’d ever see in my strictly homeschooled kid.
  • Dee’s journal class was tons of fun (no grade) and she can’t wait to it again next year with a Medieval theme.
  • They both still dance
  • A lot.
  • Daisy started a circus aerial class last night to help achieve her dream of flying.
  • She loved it.
  • Tabs is 16 now [gasp!]- she does not drive.
  • Daisy is in double digits [double gasp] and she is perfectly fine with her sister not driving.
  • My 5-minutes are up. Off to a good day!
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