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By Tara Zandra | September 15, 2014

So today I was working on (paid) crochet work while lesson planning. Meanwhile, one child was reading The Wizard of Oz and the other child was practicing violin. I felt like the baddest mother multi-tasker, let me tell you. Usually I would follow up with how that peaceful picture was shattered by reality, but in all honesty it kept going today which was nice.

I’ve not only made two sales in my etsy shop, I’ve got two largish custom orders lined up. But I also have two Halloween costumes to sew as well as a Halloween dress. And we’re going out of town so an entire weekend will be gone. I’ll probably have to have Chris take care of all the dance runs for a while so I can sew in the evenings. It’s not entirely fair to him, but thankfully the dance schedule this year is perfectly manageable for one person as we found out when I was sick.

And tomorrow we take our main Christmas card photo. Yeah, I know, but it’s tomorrow or not at all. Should be fun what with it being eleventy-million degrees right now. I like heat, but extreme heat is bad for many reasons- fires, constant a/c (shiver), b00b sweat.

Seems like a good way to end.

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One Response to “ideal”

  1. Melyssa R. Says:
    September 26th, 2014 at 9:49 am

    So glad your etsy shop is off to a good start! Your stuff is adorable!