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What food group is mish-mash?

By Tara Zandra | July 25, 2014

You know what I had for lunch today? A hashbrown, a sixth of a watermelon, and a lime Oreo.

You can tell I don’t have the kids. And I won’t have them until tomorrow morning when this week can finally come to an end.

I love that they are having such a wonderful time at bootcamp (despite the red faces, limp bodies, and sweat from every pore on their bodies). I enjoyed my day of playing Candy Crush for 3 solid hours (no lie). I’m so very happy I got my two lunch dates in. I’m even glad I got my “productive” day in despite it not being as productive as I envisioned. I’ve gotten to play music as loud as I wanted, not have the a/c on if I didn’t want, and not get interrupted in anything.

But I hate having to be out of the house at an exact time every morning and all that that entails. Keep in mind, even when I worked, it wasn’t exactly a traditional job with traditional hours and I was never responsible for 2 other people getting their shit together as well.

I’m a homeschooler- we’re kinda lazy.

But I know that my normal homeschooling schedule would be difficult for others. It’s all about what you know and are used to doing.

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