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really breathe this time

By Tara Zandra | February 18, 2014

When last I left the blog, I had ranted about Friday. I had intended to talk about my lovely weekend. Guess I needed to get the bad off my chest first.

For most of the weekend it was just me and the Wee Miss. Hmm, she’s 9 now, she might need a new nickname. But she’s still more wee than the big kid so we’ll stick with it.

So we spent the weekend hanging out together. The first thing we did was work on her sewing. Daisy has been expressing an interest in hand sewing for a while now and we found some kits at Michaels. She ended up going with a cupcake- we’re all aware of her fondness for stuffed “animal” food. It’s precut felt, plastic needles, and holes already in the felt- perfect for a first timer! Other than tying knots she did it all herself and was quite pleased.

We then got dressed and went to Target so she could spend some gift cards. When we were home, of course we opened the new toys. We spent time apart while she played and ate and then we worked on her new Goldieblox dunk tank kit. Other people then came home so it was no longer just us.

But Sunday morning was back to Mommy and Me time! We went to Toys R Us and the mall, then Krispy Kreme and Lowes. When we came home it was time to paint! We worked on the cabinet in the laundry nook in the garage. It was ghastly, but now it’s yellow and gray. I didn’t really take before pics because that is not an area anyone needs to see. I’ll share after pics once the whole area is done- maybe another month. It will still look like a corner of a garage, but at least it’ll look like a slightly nicer corner of a garage.

After painting we hung out in the playroom. I built Legos for her (she’s not interested in building, just playing with the finished product), we had dinner together and eventually it was bedtime.

The loveliness carried over into Monday, which was also heavenly, though I had two kids once again (even nicer!).

It felt so good to have these past three days of zero obligations. Everything I did was my own choice with no chance of disappointing anyone if I didn’t do something. I really needed that. It was like hitting the reset button.

Here’s a picture of my cutie-patootie getting ready to paint. She had to kneel on the washer and dryer to do it.


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