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just one of those days

By Tara Zandra | January 31, 2014

Overslept, ran around and around for errands, forgot silly things, was late (twice), felt off my game as the resident “dance mom” (I kid!), power was out- just lots of things that added up. There’s more, but I gotta stop sometime.

I did take care of a few projects so that makes me happy. We got fabric for a skirt I need to sew, I mounted a picture for the laundry nook, and made a dance accessory box purtiful. I tried to do the other child’s box, but found out the lid is broken so I’ll need to return it first. Oh I also went to purchase heavy ceramic bowls for the bunnies and they are in the shape of cabbage. Cute! Made my day, as silly as it is.

The children had a good day at their friends’ house though. They got to go exploring on a nature walk. It’s nice when their friends are sisters too, especially when the ages line up so beautifully. Though we’re losing these friends soon to a move so that’s kind of sad. We’ve known them forever it seems, we’ll miss them.

These pictures are from our day at Animal Kingdom two weeks ago. The first is a giant hippo. The second is to prove that hippos look like naked mole rats.



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