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checked off

By Tara Zandra | January 24, 2014

Had an abundance of things I put on my to-do list today and though I did not finish, I think it’s because I was too ambitious. Also, one item took about 2 hours and I anticipated 20-minutes tops.

I also got a tad distracted trying to figure out how to redo my laundry, um, lets go with nook- sounds better than “corner of garage.” First I scrubbed the area down, which was on my to-do list, then I decided to quickly look up “laundry art” and then I decided I needed a poster here, and a magnet there and next thing you know, an hour on the internet and time for lunch. And if I’m already eating lunch, might as well check facebook and crush some candy, right?

I’m going back to I was just too ambitious for the day, it makes me feel better about the unchecked items :)

But I also got my desk completely cleaned out and I took care of regular chores and then the 2 hours task so I really did get a decent amount of stuff done before doing the dance class run.

I had a terrific headache before dinner so I took a hot bath to help ease it, but dinner also made me nauseas so I’m currently waiting for the Tums to kick in. That appears to be a lost cause.

Today’s picture is from our first night in Disney World. We explored Downtown Disney and one stop was Goofy’s Candy Co. So this photo is appropriately titled “Kid in a Candy Store.”


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