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By Tara Zandra | January 9, 2014

I was going to share a Daisy story and then I abandoned ship. I don’t even know if I can do it justice now.

When last we left my blog, I mentioned we had spent two of the longest hours ever at Disneyland. If you follow me on Instagram or are a facebook friend, you might have seen a picture of Daisy with the Dapper Dans.

While we were watching them sing, they approached the boy next to us to see if he would volunteer. He declined and they took Daisy up instead. The fact that she willingly went is amazing enough. Afterwards she told me she was hoping the boy wouldn’t do it so she would get picked.

That is pretty much a miracle.

This is the child who has sat on a bench in the front row while every other child joined in some pre-show fun at California Adventure. When they asked her to join in she said, “I’m good.”

This is the child who one year ago was chosen by a hand bell choir member to ring some jingle bells. She looked pained the entire time and was mad about it afterwards.


But this year, finally! She was picked, she smiled, they dressed her like a snowman and she looked happy! They said dance- she danced. They said dance faster- she tap danced. They said take a bow- she curtsied.

I mean come on! If I told anyone who knows her that a child got up and did those things, they would guess a hundred other children before my Daisy. At the end she told me she is getting over her “Disney stage fright.”

So here’s to many more opportunities to see her participate in Disney shows and stuff :)

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