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By Tara Zandra | January 2, 2014

So today the girls and I went to Disneyland.

During winter break.

It sucked. We couldn’t even walk but glued ourselves together and could only shuffle along and pray we’d make it.

We lasted less than 2 hours.

But there was good! The whole reason we went was for Tabitha to get a case for her iphone. I had told her she could get any one she wanted and for her that meant one from Disneyland. That accomplished we went off in search of fun, adventure, and Daniel Radcliffe!

True story.

Tabitha saw him and it was definitely him as not only did it look just like him, but she heard him talking and it was him. So Daisy and I sat on a bench while Tabitha ran all over Adventureland and New Orleans to see him just one more time. She wasn’t successful but once was enough to fill her fangirl heart.

While she was gone, Daisy was eating a giant pickle and I snapped pictures, as I tend to do.

She started cracking up and asking me why I would take pictures of her wiping her face off and I got one that is so natural and pure. When she poses for pictures she tends to put up a guard and her expression doesn’t radiate joy. This one does, I think.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you a story about Daisy. I already typed it up once tonight and it erased itself before I could publish. I don’t feel like repeating myself yet.

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One Response to “shuffling”

  1. Melyssa R Says:
    January 2nd, 2014 at 11:37 pm

    How cool to see DR at DL! I’ve only ever seen one celeb there, Julianne Moore. At the teacups with some other lady and a young girl. Daisy does look really cute in that shot! I sure wish my kiddo would learn to appreciate the yumminess of pickles. I did get to eat FRIED pickles at Gunther Toody’s (50’s diner) and she loved them so we are one step closer!