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By Tara Zandra | December 29, 2013

Some kind of home bug hit.

We set up a an easier recycling system in the garage.
We had new mattresses delivered today.
We put a TV in the bedroom (haven’t had one in there since Dee was born).
We put together a new DVD/Blu-Ray rack.
Chris got a mini-fridge for the garage to keep his craft beer.
I bought a colorful rug for the dining room.
There’s the TARDIS in the living room, of course.


This was Daisy’s Christmas gift to Tabitha. It’s about 5-feet tall (Tabi must be slouching in the pic since she’s 5′ 7″) and pretty wide. I had intended for it to go in the corner of the living room for the next few days, but man is it big! Especially when it’s opened up. When I was done putting it together, the girls immediately grabbed pillows and watched a Doctor Who episode inside. Eventually the shifted to playing Mario Kart together as Daisy now has a 3DS. It was some good sister time, though loud and screechy because- girls.

Chris also took down all of Christmas today. We haven’t even come close to finishing putting away the new stuff, but we’ll make it happen over the next week. We need to reevaluate a lot of the toys in the playroom (much to Daisy’s dismay).

Chris has been home since 11am on Christmas Eve- I’ll be sad to have him gone tomorrow.

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