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Did I say 27 weeks?

By Tara Zandra | November 2, 2013

Of course, I meant 28 weeks as the oldest child is now sick. Everyone is doing 30 days of thankful but you know what? I’m not feeling it. I can give the regular laundry list- my husband, my girls, my friends, that we have what we need- blah blah. The fall back in the down times of life is always “At least we have our health!”


So now that the other 3 members of the family have been sick more times this year than any other time in the history of our family, I have to consider them all getting the flu shot which is not something we’ve ever done but clearly their immunity systems are effin crap this year. For the record, I’ve been sick the least, thank the almighty virus gods, but I’ve had stupid bad luck and I’m not really sure I can escape this cold since the stresses keep piling on.

October pretty much flew by though we had lovely Halloween celebrations at the end. Wednesday night we went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Trick or Treat; Thursday we carved pumpkins and the girls went trick or treating; Friday wasn’t Halloween but we had a really nice time at park in basically as perfect weather as one could ask for. Today is what? Saturday? I’ve lost track, but I guess it must be. We’ve got plans tomorrow, well actually, Tabitha has plans tomorrow, but she says she’s 80% sure they won’t happen because of this stupid cold. So perhaps our plans will include comforting a miserable and sad child.

I’m currently supposed to be at a Kings game but I sent Chris on without me. I didn’t want Tabitha to feel abandoned. She doesn’t really need me exactly, but I do think she was happy I stayed home with her. Moms don’t get time off, but that’s okay as I know it’s not forever.

So this downer of a post needs to come to an end. Here’s a couple pictures of my undead children from Halloween. And despite what every other person at Disneyland called her, Tabitha is not Carrie- she’s a Zombie Prom Queen. Dee is just a vampiress and is wearing a costume that Tabitha wore when she was 7. I know I shared on facebook, but not everyone who reads here is on facebook so I feel compelled to show them again.



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One Response to “Did I say 27 weeks?”

  1. Melyssa Says:
    November 3rd, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    I mentioned to a friend of mine about D having that longlasting cough (illness came up somehow or other in our conversation, she has no idea who you are though), and she said someone she knew had developed the same or similar issue once, her family getting sick a lot and one with a cough for months.. and after almost a year drawing at straws they figured out it was her house making them sick, it was MOLD. I only mention it ‘just in case’ but it’s probably not what it is for your situation.