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Candy time

By Tara Zandra | October 27, 2013

I’m currently alone for a few hours and my first thought was “Sit and play Candy Crush or eat candy without sharing?”

Believe it or not, I actually played and still haven’t had any candy- though I’m guessing I will as soon as I post this ;)

Did I post Thursday night? I think so but am too lazy to go back and look. I’ve been trying to post in the evenings but I get very self conscious when family members are hanging out near me. Or sometimes I sit down but get interrupted every few minutes because someone (not naming names, but they may or may not been the teen of the household) needs to share something interesting from the internet, or someone else needs to give me the umpteenth hug to stall before bed, or whatever and then I lose my train of thought and my interest.

Friday was our park group’s Halloween party. Went off pretty well I think so that made me happy. T went as Rosie the Riveter and D wore her actual costume but she wouldn’t let me put make-up on her. The turnout was good enough that the girls got a nice little pile of candy to kick off the trick or treating this year. Tabitha made scrumptious mini-cupcakes that were pumpkin spice with toffee bits topped with cream cheese frosting. A few even made it home (maybe I’ll eat one of those instead of hitting the Halloween candy stash). I got in some excellent chatting time with a friend and was finally able to talk to her about something that’s been bothering my heart for awhile. But that meant I completely ignored 2 other friends, neither of which have I seen much of lately and I felt really bad afterwards when I thought about it. As long as neither of them noticed, then I guess it’s all good.

After park we went to my friend’s house so my kids and hers could change for dance. This time Tabitha dressed as Tigger (orange shirt with duct tape stripes and Tigger ears headband) and Daisy was Batgirl (pic on facebook as of an hour ago). I then took all the kids to dance and hung out there for awhile. Chatted with Chris, tried to fix issues my phone has been having but ultimately made it much, much worse.

Le Sigh.

That night it was quite apparent that Chris has a cold. We watched a little TV and then I sent him to bed. Then I proceeded to stay up far too late, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Saturday was a Kids’ Night Out event at the dance studio so more costume time for the girls. Daisy wore her vampiress costume again, Tabs threw on her pointe costume from the last recital. Afterwards I picked up them and brought three more kids home with me for a sleepover. One thing I’ve learned, if I actually had 5 girls, we’d need another bathroom.

We set them all up to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” then the girls split into older and younger. The big kids retreated to a bedroom, the littles played toys in the living room for awhile before lights out. I think it was 1:15 before everyone was quiet and asleep.

Today kind of flew by. I fixed Star Wars pancakes for everyone, then it was cleanup, then play with bunnies time, then just play time, then the extra kids were picked up. After awhile I served a very early dinner and Chris left with the girls to a Kings game.

Which brings me to now, about to eat a cupcake.

First, a grasshopper we found on a flower on the bush outside our front door. It’s not as sharp as I would like. I need more lessons and practice apparently.


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