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just me and my tea

By Tara Zandra | October 21, 2013

If I could have one hour of silence every night, I think I would be a calmer person. I enjoy my time in the morning, but at that time I’m gearing up for the day. My mind is cluttered with what I’m making for breakfast, how long until I wake the girls, if I have to prep dinner, where we have to be and when- pretty much what I’m sure many, many people the world over can relate to.

Right now Chris and Tabi are at a hockey game and Daisy is in bed. So it’s just me and my tea- Lemon Balm to be exact. I’m not even watching the hockey game myself and am reveling in the aforementioned silence. I’ve got a clean kitchen and all but one item crossed off my to-do list. Of course that one item is a biggie that I really should have done. I thought I would do it after Daisy went to bed, but I had other stuff I wanted done and as soon as I’m done blogging I’m hopping in the shower. Then the other family members will be home so yeah, certain planning I was supposed to do didn’t so much happen.

But my planner did help keep me on task for all the little things I put off and never do. Just stuff like sending specific emails in a timely manner, researching something a child asked me to do, remembering to mail things and whatnot. Really I need it for that kind of stuff more than anything. For instance, I plan our park group’s Halloween party every year. The only thing I have to do is choose a date and let the group know. So I chose the date like in August but decided to email the group on October 1st. But then forgot so decided to email 2 weeks ahead of time. But on that day I left for Utah so I sorta promised myself I’d do it as soon as I got back, but didn’t. And so on. By the time I emailed the group it was a measly 10 days before the date which isn’t really good planning. But now I have it written down to email the reminder on a specific date and that will take care of that. I also owed someone field trip money and kept forgetting to bring it to him. That shouldn’t happen now. Or anyway, that’s the goal. Lifelong forgetfulness crossed with procrastination probably can’t be undone that easily.

We got more accomplished today in the way of Halloween costume pieces for Tabitha. But we still need to go to another Goodwill and I have to go to the fabric store during dance. Then she has to pull it all together for a couple of costume events. With dance every evening she really only has day time to do it which means probably just Algebra for lessons this week. This is why we don’t take the summer off or two weeks at Christmas. When we have to have light weeks sprinkled in through the year, I try not to stress about them (try would be the operative word).

Today’s pictures were taken today. Daisy looked into the back yard and told me she saw a big bird. I’ll say.


This beautiful hawk is only the second one who has visited our backyard that I’ve seen. We don’t live too close to hills or any fields so not sure why he thought he’d get lunch here. I snapped the above picture without adjusting my camera so it’s a bit washed out. This second one is richer in color, but he looked away. I wasn’t able to get any others before he flew away.


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One Response to “just me and my tea”

  1. Melyssa Says:
    October 22nd, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    Maybe he has seen your bunnies. LOL