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soothing days

By Tara Zandra | October 19, 2013

Yesterday I was fortunate to get a lunch out with a friend. It felt so good to sit and chat with her and the two hours flew by. We haven’t talked in awhile due to vacations and illnesses so we barely scratched the surface of topics. I feel there are 3 layers to real conversation and we hit all of layer one and touched on layer 2, but no time for the deep 3rd layer. Not sure Chili’s would have been the right venue for those topics anyway.

Last night Chris and spent some time with people that we really enjoy and it was just a fun evening and exactly what I needed. We weren’t even out super late so we were still able to cozy up together on the couch and watch some telly.

And finally today, I am alone and have been for the last 4 hours. I’ve taken care of mundane tasks like dishes and laundry, but I’ve also started working on my new planner for that forced organization I was talking about. As I did not choose a common system, I’m finding it difficult to get all the pages that I desire, but it’s slowly coming together. The easiest part was the meal planning section because that is a duty I enjoy most of the time. The hardest part is the calendar, which is kind of the backbone to the whole darn thing. But as it is currently October, I cannot find any 2013 pages. I’ve been to countless Staples in the last 3 days and tomorrow will hit 2 more. But even without a calendar, I can find away to incorporate a to-do list and that shall be my next step.

Including a couple pictures as I know I have a friend or two who will actually care. I went with a discbound system and got a canvas Martha Stewart book. That’s my phone case/wallet next to it to make the photo more visually appealing.


Here’s the section that’s complete, my menu planning. The only problem with my menu sheets is they got Monday through Sunday and I plan Sunday through Saturday breakfast. So I put tomorrow’s meals at the bottom, but then Saturday is kind of blank. I’ll need to rethink how I write them out for future weeks. Our grocery shopping trips include 3 different stores so my lists reflect that. The large sheet is Target stuff and the small to-do list sheet has my Sprouts list on the front and Mothers on the back. I also like that I have a zipper pouch for my Target coupons because I am forever forgetting them at home. I wasn’t in the mood to meal plan this evening so it’s not the most inspired menu this week.


Right now I’ve got the bunnies hanging out in the kitchen and every now and then one of them hits the baby-gate and the reverberation makes me and the other bunny jump and then the dog has to come running to see what’s up. Even the most unstylish and hideous kitchen is made better with cute bunnies romping.


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One Response to “soothing days”

  1. Melyssa Says:
    October 20th, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Yay, you picked a planner! There is a TON of disc bound planner chatter on Planner Addicts if you are interested. A lot of those with the ARC or MS ones post pics and ideas, and printables I think. I don’t always pay the closest attention to those particular posts since I don’t have one although I find the idea of them interesting. Love your bunnies!