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By Tara Zandra | October 17, 2013

This evening has been pleasant and has led me to some times of reflection.

This year has really sucked- I find that to be my mantra. I hate to equate it to the number 13 because I like that number, but it has certainly been a year of bad luck.

So much good has occurred this year too but there definitely came a point where I could no longer hold onto the threads of goodness and found myself only thinking of the negative. Much of the time I feel lost and without any direction. I have little interest in productivity of any kind. At this point I don’t see myself changing back miraculously on my own so I’m turning to forced organization. I’m a procrastinator on my very best days- as I’ve had so few of those this year basically nothing has been getting done on hardly any level.

Except laundry because we don’t currently live in a nudist colony.

So weekly and daily planning it is. I’m already hyper organized when it comes to menu planning, so I got the basics down. I just need to channel that into a ginormous to-do list.

The problem, of course, will be keeping it up. I know it takes 3 weeks for anything to become a habit, so that will be my goal. Once achieved then it’s just routine and I do love me some routine (with a lot of spontaneity thrown in because I don’t like ruts).

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