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By Tara Zandra | October 9, 2013

We had an unexpected rain storm today accompanied by rather cold temps. I also had a very stressful drive to and from dance so when I got home it was time for PJs- but not just any pajamas, no no- footie pajamas! With owls on the feet :) Because, you know, I’m special, or something like that. No picture that’s for darn sure. Just picture an overgrown toddler- very overgrown.

Aside from footie season, today also marks the first day of Chris’s vacation. Yippee! Originally we were going on a family trip, but we decided earlier this year to put it off. But he still gets the time off so we’re just enjoying having him home and we’ll do some fun family stuff in the coming week. The girls are not doing lessons while he’s home and we’ll only go to team dance classes.

Today wasn’t really much of anything. Tabitha had a friend spend the night last night and she stayed for a good portion of the day. The three girls pretty much entertained themselves while Chris and I took care of some things as well as spending quality “sitting around on our arses” time.

We decorated for Halloween this past weekend and I’m very pleased with how it all looks. Our main focus is on the fireplace area with a few touches here and there elsewhere in the living room and dining room. We’re happy with all we have now and think next year we’ll start turning our focus to the outside of the house as we really don’t have much. A few tombstones and a skeleton are pretty much it.

DSC_0494 (430x640).jpg

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One Response to “footies!”

  1. Melyssa Says:
    October 10th, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    Looks great! As much as I love Halloween, I just can’t gather up the energy to drag out and unpack all of it from the storage room knowing I’ll have to pack it up again in a couple weeks…so sick of packing/unpacking/moving so I am on decorating hiatus and saving up my energy for Christmas.