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Like riding a bike

By Tara Zandra | September 23, 2013

Back in July when Daisy first got sick, I had to stop working out as she was sleeping on the couch. Even when we were able to eventually move her into our room, I not only didn’t want to wake her with my alarm, but I couldn’t have left her alone so I could shower. Of course, she’s been better (though truth be told, she still coughs some) for about a month now but the habit of working out was gone. Not only that, but it’s been a very stressful year, especially health-wise, so my eating habits have not been great. Now it’s fall and my jeans do not quite fit the way I’d like.

So this morning I set my alarm for the proper time and forced myself out of bed and into my workout clothes. After I was fully awake and ready to begin, Daisy had a coughing fit and was up for the day.

Cannot catch a break (neither of us).

When Chris took Tabs to Girl Scouts this evening, I plopped Dee in front of the computer and finally got my workout in.

Damn it felt good. Can’t believe I mean that, but I do. My mood instantly improved too, who knew? So I told Daisy that from now on if she gets up in the morning and I’m working out, just grab her milk and jump on the computer. She liked that plan as she never gets the computer in the morning. Hopefully she won’t try to get up early just for computer time!

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