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a story to pass the time

By Tara Zandra | September 18, 2013

I rarely do good things just to generate good karma. I feel if you’re doing it for the karma points, then you don’t really deserve them. But yesterday I was driving to our violin lesson and found myself running late due to craptastic traffic. At one point I let someone out of a driveway even though they just pulled up and I knew it might make me miss the light. I let them out specifically to create good karma.

On my way home, there was zero traffic and the weather was gorgeous- that’s like an invitation for me to use my car’s V6 engine to it’s full capacity (I drive too fast). As I was cruising in the carpool lane I saw in my rearview the hill way behind me, at the top of which was CHP just coming over. I had ample time to slow down without hitting my brakes and get the frick out of that lane. Had it not been a hill, well it’s almost certain this story would end with a speeding ticket.

Guess the good karma worked, plus reminded me I drive too fast and need to be more mindful of the speedometer.

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