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thanks, universe

By Tara Zandra | August 30, 2013

Apparently the universe reads my blog. Today Tabitha went out with park friends to a movie in order to get away from this extreme heat. It was unexpected and came together nicely and easily. So, thank you.

Whilst she was watching Percy Jackson, Dee and I hung out at a friend’s house with yet another friend. I got some fantastic chatting time and the 4 littles enjoyed playing together and then running in sprinklers.

Much needed and so appreciated.

We then had dance and then a parents’ meeting about competition this coming year and I was most pleased to get the dates for our competitions next year. None on my birthday (yay!!) which means if I really and truly plan to have a party, I kind of need to start the planning process. I like the idea in theory, but when I look over potential locations, none of them meet my criteria. I need a professional party planner who knows how to talk to owners of establishments and get me what I want. But then that seems kind of silly.

The rest of this evening has been pleasant so far and as soon as the Dodgers wrap up this came, Chris and I are going to binge watch the last 3 episodes of Torchwood. Which will seem real smart come tomorrow morning when we have to get up early and do stuff.

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